Independence Day Safety Tips

(June 29, 2012) With the Fourth of July already upon us, please work to make it a safe holiday. Many people will be enjoying the outdoors this week either around the pool for a barbeque, hiking in the nearby mountains or on the water at the lakes. With all of these fun activities pay close attention to some simple tips.

Pool Safety- While around the pool assign someone to be a water watcher. The water watcher will pay close attention to the pool and not be distracted by other activities. Have a phone nearby the pool to dial 911 in case of an emergency. Allow children a break during swimming activities, they can become tired and then be in danger while in the pool. There is absolutely no excuse for not watching children around the pool.

Hiking Safety- Be prepared, take plenty of water, and wear sunscreen and light colored clothing. Carry a backpack where you can have a small first aid kit, a flashlight and a map of the area you are hiking. Don’t hike alone and let someone know your planned route and when you should be home. Be attentive to the wildlife and remember the animals that can hurt you are still very active.

Barbeque Safety- Start with a very clean barbeque and a safe area to cook in. Move the barbeque away from your home and the overhanging roof. If using propane, insure that the connection to the bottle is tight and there are no leaks in the rubber hoses. Make sure the barbeque has cooled off before storing.

Fireworks- For most jurisdictions in Pima County the use of consumer fireworks has been banned. This means that local law enforcement officers have the legal authority to enforce this with fines. Just because you can by them doesn’t mean you can fire them off, so check with your local authority to confirm the legality of use.

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