Culinary Arts

Jon Writis focuses on teaching a trade to students. The program, which started on July 2, has helped some unemployed to learn culinary arts.

Photo courtesy of Community Food Bank

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona announces that it has received a grant in the amount of $12,949.00 from the Jewish Community Foundation William and Doris Rubin Endowment Fund to support the Caridad Community Kitchen Culinary Training Program.

Students began the training program on July 2 with a comprehensive 10-week curriculum that has been designed by Chef Jon Wirtis and Debbie Purdon to prepare the students for a career in culinary arts. To select students for the program, they targeted recent and long-term unemployed individuals who are seeking training or retraining in the food service and restaurant industry. The students were selected from the partnering agencies that help with the distribution of Caridad’s prepared meals.

“We greatly appreciate this grant from the Jewish Community Foundation Rubin Fund,” said Chef Jon Wirtis. “It will help us reach the goal to assist people who would otherwise not have access to a culinary training program to become productive individuals.”

The students of the Caridad Community Kitchen Culinary Training Program will receive all the skills necessary for an entry level position in the Food and Restaurant/Hotel Industry. The program plans to train fifty students in the first year of the program.

For more information, contact Chef Jon Wirtis or Debbie Purdon at (520) 882-5641.

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