Town of Marana

By a 2-to-1 margin, Marana voters approved the Home Rule Option in the May 21 General Election. It was an all mail election for the second time.

With 4,484 total votes, 2,935 voted in favor of the measure, 1,549 voted against it.

The Home Rule Option was the only question on the ballot, as voters approved allowing the town to manage its own wastewater treatment facility in the March primary election. 

Voters also re-elected several council members in the March election. 

The Home Rule Option will allow the town to spend more than the $42.7 million cap imposed by the Arizona Constitution. The town is seeking a budget capacity of $95.5 million, which would include revenues from federal, state and local sources.

With voters approving the measure, the Marana Town Council approved the 2013/14 fiscal year budget on May 22.

With some discussion on the 2014 general funds, the council voted 5-0 to approve the tentative budget.

The fiscal year runs between July 1 and June 30.

In a recent statement about the importance of the Home Rule Option, Mayor Ed Honea said, “Marana has grown exponentially in the past 33 years. Our town had a little more than 1,600 residents back then. Current estimates place our population near 37,000.”

“Unfortunately, the state formula doesn’t keep pace with fast-growing communities like ours,” Honea continued.

In early budget discussions, Town Manager Gilbert Davidson said some of the capital projects in the coming year would include maintenance and improvements to road infrastructure, upgrades to Marana River Heritage Park, and continued community events, such as the Marana Main Street Festival.

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