Town of Marana

Despite residential opposition, the Marana Town Council approved the Twin Peaks Oasis Annexation in a 4-3 vote, which will annex 36.79 acres into the town.

The property is located on the northeast corner of West Twin Peaks and West Oasis roads. 

Resident Ron Isaacson made a final appeal to the council at the Oct. 15 meeting.

“We know that if you annex this plot of land and rezone it to allow 6,000 square foot lots - we are dead set against the annexation.”

Although approving the annexation is not approval for Pulte Homes to build 91 single-family-residential lots, residents believe that will be the end result. 

Linda Morales from The Planning Center, who represented Pulte Homes, requested that the council approve a continuance to the annexation so that they can work more with the residents and council. 

Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler, who didn’t believe they needed more time to talk about the annexation, commented first by asking Morales why the council didn’t receive the annexation information earlier than just before the meeting. Morales responded that she was gone last week and was under the impression, from the last meeting, that there was council support for the annexation. She continued to say that she talked with Town Manager  Gilbert Davidson that afternoon, Oct. 15, and realized that it was best to take more time to look at the annexation and rezoning.

“Am I to understand that Mr. Davidson took a poll of the council and decided that there were four votes for annexation?” questioned Ziegler, who then accused Davidson of getting a council poll for the annexation and asserting himself in the process – one that he should not be involved in. Davidson denied the accusations. Ziegler said she didn’t believe him.

Vice Mayor Jon Post was not expected to attend the meeting due to a personal conflict, but showed up not longer after Morales spoke. 

Tension in the room grew when Ziegler addressed Post.

She pointed out his arrival and asked if he would be staying for the rest of the meeting or leaving after the annexation decision was made. Mayor Ed Honea interjected.

“You don’t question the council members. Make the statement and speak. I run this meeting and I will call on the council.”

Ziegler quickly responded with, “Well that’s our problem.”  She later asked the mayor if she could address Post and asked again whether he would be staying or leaving. Post answered with a heated response.

“I am here because you knew that there was a 3-3 and you threatened me that if I didn’t come to this meeting – ” Post paused to rephrase his statement. “That if I came to this meeting tonight, you were going to open up a whole can of s–––. I’m here. Open it.”

From there Ziegler motioned to not continue the continuance, which was approved 4-3. 

The council then approved the Twin Peaks Oasis Annexation 4-3. Honea, Post, and councilwomen Patti Comerford and Carol McGorray voted in favor of the annexation.

The council also approved the amendment for the medical marijuana dispensaries and the adoption of the new resolution – now allowing the owners to buy medical marijuana from other dispensaries. 

A newly implemented compensation philosophy for town employees was also approved. The Waters Consulting Group (WCG), a company that provides consulting and web-based solutions for public and private sectors, has conducted the research, which is to develop a highly competitive pay philosophy to keep and recruit professional staff. WCG has spent the last six months analyzing the town’s data. The philosophy revises all the job descriptions and develops new salary structures that fall in line with the town’s strategic plan. The council additionally approved a transfer of $180,393 from the General Fund and up to $95,000 in budgeted expenditure authority from the Development Services Admin to help in the new wage adjustments for town employees.

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