Police standoff on Northwest side

Approximate location of police standoff on the Northwest side. 

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The Pima County Sheriff’s Department found 31-year-old Jared Ross inside a home on after a standoff late Thursday night.

Tom Peine, spokesman for the sheriff’s department, said around 11:30 a.m. police received a call from a female saying she was worried about her boyfriend who was suicidal and threatening to burn down their home, on Overton Road.

Upon arrival, Peine said deputies found the house was partially on fire, meaning some windows were broken and black soota could be seen.

Northwest Fire crews arrived on scene to find that the fire had died out already.

“At this point, we had a suicidal individual who had threatened the life of others and tried to burn down the house,” Piene said. “No one was going inside. We barricaded the house and took the proper precautions.”

A nearby neighbor was evacuated, and as police worked to sort out the situation, Piene said at one point another female came to the home, claiming to be Ross’ girlfriend, telling deputies she was with him earlier in the day and had threatened her, and restrained her.

After several hours with no contact with Ross, Piene said the SWAT team sent in a robot to search the home. In the search, Peine said Ross’ body was found in the garage.

The exact cause of death is not being disclosed at this time as the investigation moves forward.

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