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Gov. Jan Brewer

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Governor Jan Brewer today established via Executive Order the Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking. Among their charges, members will be tasked with identifying opportunities to strengthen Arizona’s current human trafficking statutes, with the ultimate goal of reducing human trafficking and assisting victims of this heinous crime.

The implementation of this task force combines two key priorities of Governor Brewer’s administration: border security and public safety.

“Human trafficking is one of the most horrendous crimes against humanity, and one of the most harmful effects of a porous border,” said Governor Brewer. “With this task force, we can at least ensure we are taking every necessary action to protect our state and its citizens. I look forward to working closely with members as they identify ways to reduce human trafficking and safeguard the victimized and vulnerable.”

Responsibilities of the task force will include: reviewing Arizona laws, administrative practices and law enforcement training pertaining to human trafficking; taking testimony from subject matter experts who have experience managing the impacts of human trafficking; identifying opportunities to strengthen Arizona human trafficking statutes; and recommending to the Governor any changes in law, administrative practice or law enforcement training that will reduce human trafficking in Arizona and improve ways to identify and assist the victims.

Governor Brewer has appointed the following members to the task force:

· Cindy McCain (Co-Chairperson), Philanthropist/Advocate/Business Owner

· Doug Ducey, State Treasurer

· Doug Coleman Representative, Arizona House of Representatives

· Adam Driggs Senator, Arizona State Senate

· Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney

· Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney

· Grant Woods, Attorney

· Larrie Fraley, Executive Director, Undivided

· Robert Halliday, Director, Department of Public Safety

· Gill Orrantia (Co-Chairperson), Director, Arizona Department of Homeland Security

· Lt. Jim Gallager, Lieutenant, Phoenix Police Department Human Trafficking Vice Squad

· Andrew Pacheco, Criminal Division Chief, Arizona Attorney General’s Office

· Lea Benson, President/CEO, StreetlightUSA

· Brian Steele, Executive Director, Phoenix Dream Center

· Bill Ridenour, Attorney

The Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking must prepare and submit to the Governor – no later than September 20, 2013 – a detailed summary of findings and final recommendations pertaining to human trafficking.

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