SaddleBrooke Community Outreach (SBCO) sponsors tutoring programs in Math and Reading. Helping students be academically successful can be personally rewarding.  Currently, SBCO sponsors or supports programs at San Manuel Junior/Senior High School, Mountain Vista Elementary School in Oracle, Coronado K-8 School (just south of Catalina) and Ironwood Ridge High School (Oro Valley).  

At San Manuel, volunteers can join the highly successful math-tutoring program. Tutors travel to the school one day a week for six periods and generally carpool to reduce expenses and to trade tutoring tips.  In-classroom tutoring allows tutors to see the topic being taught, facilitating their work with students needing assistance. The range of tutoring is from seventh grade Pre-Algebra to 10th-grade Geometry.

Tutors for both math and reading are also needed at Mountain Vista School in Oracle.  Tutors in math work on Tuesdays and Thursdays with students in grades 3-8, using a math tutoring software program. The software creates grade-appropriate math problem sets, which focus on students needing improvement.  

Reading tutors are asked to commit two to four hours each week on a day of their choice.  They work in the classroom usually with one student at a time, helping readers based on needs determined by the teacher.

Tutors are also needed for both math and reading at Coronado K-8 School.  The MATH PLUS+ program at Coronado K-8 has been in operation for the last four years. All tutoring is conducted within the classroom during normal school hours and uses a computer-aided learning program similar to that used at San Manuel and Mountain Vista.  

The Reading program includes all grade levels in the school (K-8) with tutors working one or more hours a week.  While the primary focus of most tutors is on reading, some find themselves assisting with other subjects and other tasks.

Math tutoring at Ironwood Ridge High School occurs in two classes.  One is an AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards) prep class, using the same ACC-Math computer approach used at Coronado.  In the second class, Intermediate Algebra, the teachers use the AccMath Algebra program to determine what concepts the students do and don’t know.    

Parent, teacher and student feedback, as well as analyses of test data over time continue to document the success of these tutoring programs.  Of course, the most important ingredient of these programs is the human component—the tutor who interacts one-on-one with the individual student.  In short, the programs offer an excellent opportunity for volunteers to make a difference in the lives of students.

Anyone interested, can Mike at 825-1263, or email at Steve can be reached at 385-6686,  or email at

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