Police and Crime

On Friday, July 18, at about 8:50 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a report of someone ringing a doorbell twice and leaving on the 1000 block of Wes Squawbush Court. Police found a 15-year-old boy who admitted to ringing the doorbell. He said that he was trying to get his girlfriend to come to the door and let him in. He said he would have called, but his mother “smashed” his phone during an argument. Police took the boy home to find out what caused him to leave. Police learned the boy had lied to his parents about completing homework and also about parents being present while he was at his girlfriend’s house. The mother broke the phone, because it was hers, for the lying. The boy pushed his mother and left to go back to his girlfriend’s house. Police told the parents there was probable cause to arrest their son for disorderly conduct.  To boy was informed of the charge and released to his parents.

On Thursday, July 17, at about 1:57 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to an unknown problem on the 8000 block of North Oracle Road. Police were told a man was seen hitting a woman while they were both in a car together. The woman then was seen walking down Oracle Road. When police found the woman, she was only wearing a tank top. Police sat her in the back of a police car and got her an emergency blanket. At this point, the woman said that had rights and tried to leave. While trying to detain her, she began resisting. Soon after she was placed in handcuffs, she stopped yelling and swearing. Police also found the man involved with the incident. He had scratches on his chest. He said he did hit the woman, but in self-defense. The woman told police they were having any argument, which turned into “rough sex.” She said that is why she was wearing only a tank top. Both were arrested for domestic violence/ assault. Both were booked into the Pima County Adult Detention Center.

On Wednesday, July 16, at about 6:32 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a report of an incident of suspicious activity on the 1000 block of West Antelope Creek Way. The victim said that his car had been egged during the night. Police noticed dried egg on the passenger window.

On Monday, July 14, at about 6:55 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a complaint about criminal damage on the 10000 block of North Hacienda Hermosa Drive. The victim told police eight cacti plants in her backyard had various limbs broken off. The damage happened during the night and could have been caused by animals as the limbs were broken off rather than cut. Some of the flowers from the cacti limbs appeared to have been eaten as well. The damage was estimated at about $100.

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