U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., announced that she has been appointed to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the 113th Congress. Kirkpatrick is the only Arizonan serving on either of the House committees.

Transportation and Infrastructure oversees issues critical to Congressional District 1 and Arizona, such as roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, transportation corridors, water resources and other infrastructure issues. Kirkpatrick’s mostly rural district includes dozens of small and remote communities that need modern infrastructure to achieve long-term economic stability. CD1 also includes the established Interstate 10 and upcoming I-11 transportation corridors, which play a key role in Arizona's future economic growth. And the district includes 12 tribal communities that in some regions lack basic infrastructure such as running water or electricity.

Veterans’ Affairs handles legislation related to veterans’ issues and programs such as job placement, health care, and education. During her term in the 111th Congress, Kirkpatrick was able to pass legislation that helped Native American, rural and disabled veterans with critical issues such as housing access and cost-of-living adjustments.

“These appointments are a tremendous honor, and they are great news for the people of our district," Kirkpatrick said. "My vision for this district is to develop a diversified, sustainable economy, and the way we get there is by empowering our citizens and communities with the tools to build a stronger future.”

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee mission is to "provide a strong backbone upon which the nation’s people and commerce can flourish," according to its website. The Veterans’ Affairs Committee calls itself “the voice of Congress for veterans in dealings with the VA.” 

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