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Allan Meyer, 81, recently published his second book, “A Dog’s Choice”. The book engages readers in political and humorous conversations between an owner and his dog.

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Exploring the themes of coping and myth, author Allan Meyer engages his readers in humorous and political conversations between a dog and his owner in his new book, “A Dog’s Choice.”

“I had never thought of myself as a writer of fiction. The more I wrote the more things I could see and the more places the dog and the owner go and the more people they meet,” said Meyer, an Oro Valley resident.

Meyer received two bachelor’s degrees in speech and communications and dramatic literature before going on to receive his doctorate in 1987. After that, he taught philosophy and humanity for 30 years until deciding to write his first book in 2007 called “Right and Wrong – A Useful Fiction.” The book, which gives insight to Meyer’s ethics and philosophical views, received local recognition and a national review from Midwest Book Review. 

Time went by before Meyer decided to start on his most recent book, “A Dog’s Choice”, almost two and a half years ago. The book was published on Feb. 12. A friend of his suggested the idea of writing a book about a series of conversations with a dog. Meyer and his wife, Sharon, have always had dogs around their house. Some have just been house pets while others have taken part in dog shows. 

Though Meyer had never considered writing a fiction book, he took his friend’s advice and gave it a shot. He decided to focus on the theme of coping, which he develops through each of the characters in the book. The dog, Zelda, is one of the main characters who is coping is expressed through her audible conversations with her owner, Eddie. Eddie, on the other hand, is a retired philosopher who thinks that everything should make sense and that there is logic to everything. Through interacting with other people in the book as well as Zelda, Eddie’s coping of logic is tested.

According to Meyer, the book holds real conversations that involve some politics and witty, humor between Zelda, Eddie and those they meet along the way.

“In almost every conversation some element of politics frequently comes up. I don’t dwell on that though – some of those things come and go with conversation,” said Meyer. “It’s (book) a lot of fun, but it’s not all jokes. It touches a lot of emotions and has real conversations.”

“A Dog’s Choice” is available on the Kindle and Nook and in print at Arizona Vintage Investments, which is located in Oro Valley.

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