Pima Community College recently appointed David Dore as the new Northwest Campus president. He will assume his new position July 1.

“I’m most excited about the opportunity to lead a campus and really build community both with the external stakeholders of the northwest campus and the internal stakeholders,” said Dore. “I believe that a community college needs to be continually engaged in the broader community.”

Dore comes with more than 20 years of experience in teaching, administration and leadership positions at the community college level. His most recent position was at Mesa Community College as the dean of instruction for career and technical education. Now making his way to Tucson, Dore hopes to build strong community partnerships and make the students’ progress and success a primary focus.

“I’m really excited about working with them (Pima Community College and the community) to ensure that we have the best-trained work force in Arizona,” said Dore. “This position allows me to work more broadly with a diverse group of students. The students are at the center of everything that we do.”

The Northwest Campus at Pima Community College offers a variety of classes for more than 4,300 students. Besides the addition of  Dore, the Northwest Campus has also added a new building to primarily house science, engineering, and mathematics and technology classes.

“We want to look at where students are coming from and build strong partnerships and a cohesive, smooth transition to the Northwest Campus,” said Dore. “We are also looking at where students are going, whether that is the University of Arizona or Arizona State University and other transfer institutions as well.”

Dore is looking forward to starting his new position and working with the staff at the Northwest Campus. Darla Zirbes, who has been interim president, will be the vice president of instruction.

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