“Sundzu,” a 2-year-old male elephant calf at the Reid Park Zoo,underwent a dental procedure Wednesday, March 6. He cracked a tusk while wrestling with his 5-year old brother “Punga” several weeks ago.

“It is common for elephants, including youngsters, to chip or break tusks while playing or digging,” says Elephant Supervisor Sue Tygielski. Although Sundzu was not in pain, the tusk was repaired to help prevent further damage.

A team from San Diego Zoo Global and the Colyer Institute came to Tucson for the exam and dental procedure on the broken tusk. “The San Diego Zoo Global team has a large herd of elephants and they have done several of these procedures on young elephants,” said Tygielski.

“Our collective team of experts worked flawlessly together, and the procedure went as well as could be expected.”

San Diego Zoo Global has made video of the procedure available to media at:

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B-roll includes:

● Video of veterinarians preparing for and performing the dental

procedure on the young elephant

● Video of elephant and mom after the procedure

● Soundbite from Jim Oosterhuis, DVM, San Diego Zoo Safari Park

● Soundbite from Sue Tygielski, Elephant Supervisor at Reid Park


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