Police and Crime

After allegations surfaced in March about an Ironwood Ridge High School marketing teacher having sex with a student, the Amphitheater School District placed him on administrative leave for five days.

After nothing came of the rumors, Robert Brush, 30, was returned to his position.

Kara Riley, a spokeswoman for the Oro Valley Police Department, said there was not enough evidence to charge Brush in March.

In a statement from the Amphitheater School District on Friday, as soon as allegations came out, the district placed Brush on administrative leave.

“In March of this year, school and district staff reported related rumors to law enforcement and placed Mr. Bush on administrative leave pending an investigation at that time,” said the statement provided by Mindy Blake, spokeswoman for the Amphitheater School District. “The district fully cooperated with the ensuing police investigation and also conducted its own internal investigation, but neither investigation substantiated the rumors then circulating.”

However on Monday, Riley said new information surfaced, giving the police department probably cause to reopen the case.

Brush was escorted from the school in handcuffs on Friday, being charged with sexual misconduct with a female student, a Class Two Felony.

With the investigation being in its early stages, Riley said the department could not provide any more details into the investigation.

Blake said as the district does with all employees, a thorough investigation on Brush was conducted before he was hired in August 2012.

According to the statement, the district received positive references from his prior employers, and he qualified for a valid fingerprint clearance card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

“Mr. Bush’s alleged conduct should not reflect negatively upon the integrity of the nearly 900 other teachers in our district who spend every day demonstrating their commitment to serving the education needs of students in our community,” said Tadd Jaeger, Associate of the Superintendent. “The conduct alleged here reflects an inherent defect in the morality and character of an individual that shocks, offends, and saddens the rest of us.”

Brush remains on administrative leave from district.

Brush is the second teacher from Ironwood Ridge to be charged with having sex with a student in less than a year. In 2012, Melissa Dalton was charged with having sex male students. Charges she later pleaded guilty to.

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