SparkFun National Education Tour

The SparkFun National Education Tour will be in Tucson Saturday, June 8 at PCC's Downtown Campus.

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Pima Community College Continuing Education, in partnership with SparkFun Electronics, is offering a workshop for educators as part of the SparkFun National Education Tour, a mobile teaching initiative to convey the benefits of electronics education to teachers in every state across the U.S. 

On Saturday, June 8 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., members from the SparkFun Department of Education will be at PCC’s Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave., to train high school and post-secondary educators on using DIY electronics to teach.   

Workshop participants will be guided through experiments of varying difficulty, learning foundational skills like prototyping using a breadboard and sensors, controlling outputs, and more.  Support materials also will be provided to make integration into the classroom a breeze.

For more information or to register for the workshop, call Continuing Education at 206-6444. 

Pima Community College Continuing Education also will be offering its first Teen Inventor class using Arduino boards and component kits.

If your teen is fascinated by robots, computers and how things work, Arduino is a brilliant way to feed their curiosity.  Participants in the Teen Inventor class will build, wire and program their very own Arduino-powered robot. 

“The Teen Inventor class can help your teen dive into the exciting world of science and technology and begin developing lifelong skills in programming, engineering, mechanics, electronics and robotics,” said Maggie Romance, PCC’s Director of Instruction for Continuing Education.

The Teen Inventor course is offered through Pima’s Teen Scene program and begins on June 24.  For more information on Teen Scene, call (520) 206-6579 or go to

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