The N.W. Tucson Tea Party, a group of grassroots activists, is being formed to draw together independents, moderates, conservatives, and libertarians in Oro Valley, Marana, Catalina and Saddlebrook. Its mission is to restore and preserve our nation’s political heritage and to select and support approved candidates at the local, state, and national levels to win elections in 2014 and 2016.

A meeting will be held April 2nd, 5:30 P.M. at the Oro Valley Public Library. In the spirit of transparency, it has posted its 2013 Contract with America at, which includes goals, objectives and a comprehensive agenda with more than 50 proposals for solving our nation’s problems. If it aligns with your political views, come to the meeting. God Bless America.

Tony Greco, 13566 N. Piemonte Way, Oro Valley, 520-825-2711

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John Flanagan

What an interesting idea! The Tea Party hosts a gathering of independents, moderates, conservatives, and libertarians to consider various solutions to the issues of the day and choose potential politicians to lead us. Well now, all they have to do is find common ground, with each group willing to compromise, and each group determined to build a workable consensus. If the goal is the welfare of our community and country, all the sides can succeed in building a worthwhile coalition without abandoning their root principles. A tough task? You bet.
As a cautious optimist, I think this would be a good start. In some areas of politics, with entrenched ideas stirring up passions, conflicts will arise. Nevertheless, areas of compromise must be found. I think that is a basic principle of democracy, and if we make this our goal, accompanied by civility, there is yet hope for our nation.

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