Crews are working to restore two-way traffic on two lanes of Ina Road this evening.

Around 9 p.m., Tucson Electric Power is expected to turn over Ina Road to the Town of Marana, according to Rodney Campbell, public information officer for Marana.

Crews will then work to reroute the flow of traffic on Ina Road between Interstate 10 and Shannon Road, portions of which have been closed since this afternoon, when a microburst downed nearby power lines.

At present, eastbound traffic on Ina is closed between I-10 and Thornydale, while westbound Ina is closed between Shannon and I-10, according to Sgt. Tim Brunenkant of the Marana Police Department. Work to reroute traffic could take hours, he added.

The plan is to close the south side of Ina and allow traffic to travel in both directions on the north side of Ina Road from Interstate 10 to either Thornydale or Meredith Boulevard. At that point, traffic in both directions will switch to the south side of Ina Road to Shannon Road, and the north side of Ina will be closed, while work to repair the downed power lines takes place, said Campbell.

The plan may be modified.

Traffic on Ina between I-10 and Shannon Road was stalled or shut down due to downed power lines produced by a microburst that rushed through the northwest around 4 p.m. About eight power poles are down in that area, according to Joe Barrios, a representative for TEP.

Strong winds also overturned a tractor-trailer on Interstate 10, blocking two lanes of eastbound I-10. Crews are working now to right the overturned truck. Traffic traveling westbound I-10 is not affected.

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