Town of Oro Valley
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Oro Valley Town Council, last Wednesday, unanimously approved a conceptual site plan for Stone Canyon Enclave, a medium density residential 36-lot single-family residential subdivision in the Rancho Vistoso Planned Area Development. 

Surrounded by the Stone Canyon Golf Course, the subdivision will sit on 13 acres of vacant property and feature single-story homes on lot sizes ranging from 9,300 square feet to 21,000 square feet.

Approximately 20 residents showed up during a June 25 neighborhood meeting, with inquiries relating to building heights, open space, and the type of development proposed.

The project applicant also was made aware by staff that certain areas of the development encroached on the Golf Course Overlay District, which requires minimum setbacks between golf courses and residential property lines.

The applicant agreed to make the necessary adjustments to eliminate encroachment, which could involve eliminating one or two of the lots, said Oro Valley Senior Planner Matt Michels. 

The applicant also appeased other area residents’ concerns by pledging only to build one-story homes to prohibit view encroachment, despite the fact town code would have allowed for two-story homes.

The property will feature two points of ingress and egress, from Rock Haven Place on the south and Hohokam Village Place on the north. 

In other business, construction on the Oracle Road widening project is expected to begin in early 2014, according to Arizona Department of Transportation Project Manager Robin Raine. 

Raine expects the project to take about two years to complete.

“The reason for the two years is because we will be keeping two lanes of traffic open at almost all times,” she said. 

Planned improvements include the addition of a lane on each side of Oracle Road, shoulder work, retaining walls and sound barriers, drainage improvements, raised medians, shared use paths, and two wildlife crossings. 

The project will stretch from Tangerine Road north to the Pinal County line. 

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