Arizona Governor

Governor Jan Brewer has announced the addition of a new policy advisor to the administration.

Joseph Cuffari, whose background includes nearly three decades of professional experience in government, military and investigative positions, will join the Governor’s Office beginning July 15, 2013, as a Policy Advisor for Public Safety. In this role, Mr. Cuffari will assist in the development and implementation of Governor Brewer’s key policy initiatives.

“Mr. Cuffari is well-respected for his work in directing and solving numerous special investigations, which have involved criminal, fraud, counter-intelligence and counter-narcotics cases, among others,” said Governor Brewer. “His diverse knowledge in security, public safety and military operations will bring a unique and valuable perspective to my administration as we work to fulfill the priorities most critical to the citizens of Arizona. I look forward to Mr. Cuffari joining my team.”

Mr. Cuffari has served the U.S. Department of Justice in a multitude of roles dating back to 1993. Most recently, he was Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), in Tucson. In other capacities, Mr. Cuffari has assisted the Department of Justice Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development (2007-2010); and served as Special Agent for the Office of the Inspector General (1993-1997). Since 2008, Mr. Cuffari has been a U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer with the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General’s Investigative Policy and Oversight Division. He has also been a Commander with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and was a Deputy Inspector General at Mather Air Force Base, near Sacramento, Calif.

Mr. Cuffari earned a PhD in Management from California Coast University (2002), and a Master of Arts in Management from Webster University (1995). He received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration & Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona (1984).

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