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After a March election that demonstrated overwhelming support for a town-owned wastewater treatment facility, members of the Marana Citizen’s Forum are looking at the next logical step forward for this session’s topic – the development of North Marana.

Made up of community members, the Marana Citizen’s Forum was established by the town’s council in 2011 to provide input and recommendations to staff for multidisciplinary, town-wide subjects. 

Marana Public Information Officer Rodney Campbell said amidst other topics discussed by the forum, the decision to further explore development in the town’s northern region made sense.

“One of the main reasons this topic was chosen was a direct result of the wastewater vote, which opened the door for further development in North Marana,” he said.

The town’s lengthy litigation battle with Pima County over facility control ended after the two jurisdictions came to an agreement that Marana would assume ownership by paying the outstanding debt of approximately $18.2 million.

The Marana Wastewater Treatment Facility serves about 1,800 residents and businesses in North Marana. 

Linda Hampton, director of the Marana Community Food Bank and member of the forum, said the topic choice came fairly easily.

“If I recall, selecting development of North Marana was unanimous,” she said. “It seemed that was a topic that held a lot of interest for people on the forum. We believe that the town is growing really rapidly, and the mayor and council are doing a great job of projecting into the future for growth.”

The type of growth is expected to be broad in spectrum, says Hampton. 

“At this stage of consideration, we are looking at all options of growth,” she said. “People have different perceptions. Some are focused on growing commercial, believing that commercial growth will influence home building, but the reverse of that is true as well.”

Hampton said with continued development, there is a goal to acquire more recreational opportunities as well as higher education in the area. 

Last year, the forum focused heavily on public engagement and promoting marketing for the town, the benefits of which Hampton expects to carry over this session.

The Marana Citizens’ Forum will have two final meetings on May 2 and June 6. In the May 2 meeting, forum members will have any questions answered, and in the June 6 meeting, the forum will offer its final recommendations to the town regarding development.

Forum delegates are Mike Brandt, Carolyn Dumler, Stacy Gowler, Linda Hampton, Ginny Huffman, Marcia Jakab, Linda Lammers, Janet McLay, Dale Moe, John Officer, Agnes Seidler, Jim Shaw, Mary Underwood and Jeff Voss.

Included in the Marana Citizens’ Forum are representatives from the Marana Health Center, Marana Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Fire District, and Marana Unified School District.

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