A second annexation petition of Northwest Tucson properties proposed by the Northwest Fire District has failed to secure the required number of signatures to be successful.

The deadline for submission of the annexation petition for the Camino de Mañana area in unincorporated Pima County expired without enough property owners agreeing to be annexed.

The area was previously covered for fire protection by Rural/Metro through subscription service. But, when Rural/Metro stopped offering subscription service to the area, Northwest Fire proposed the annexation.

Carla Reece, a Northwest Fire spokesperson, said 230 signatures had been collected by the Dec. 12 deadline, but 297 signatures were needed for the annexation to succeed.

A petition needs 50 percent plus one of the property owners and the aggregate assessed valuation in order to succeed.

One Northwest Fire annexation petition in Northwest Tucson is still active — for the Tangerine-Moore Road annexation — and the petition must be turned in by Jan. 12.

Northwest Fire records show that the Tangerine-Moore area currently has 48 percent of the signatures required, which is 15 signatures out of 31 needed. There are 59 property owners in that annexation area.

A previous deadline for an annexation petition in the Teal Blue Trail area of Northwest Tucson failed to secure enough signatures in October.

Reece said that Northwest Fire would work on single parcel annexations with those property owners in the Camino de Mañana area that are adjacent to existing Northwest Fire District boundaries. Three single parcel annexations have already taken place, she added.

“Any property owner who is contiguous with a Northwest Fire boundary can fill out an affidavit and be annexed into the district,” Reece pointed out.

She said Northwest Fire has been mapping the signatures for the Camino de Mañana area as they were received and have identified some areas of concentration that could form the basis for smaller annexation attempts. Three smaller areas are being considered.

• The Linda Vista Boulevard and Blue Bonnet Road area where four parcels north of the Northwest Fire boundary line could form the basis for approximately a 27-parcel annexation

• Off Camino de Oeste and Camino de Mañana where several properties are contiguous with Northwest Fire’s boundaries and could form an annexation possibility of about 30 properties

• The Potvin Lane and Sandra Roads area, where Northwest Fire enjoyed support during the failed annexation, which might encompass a smaller annexation area of approximately 30 parcels.

“We will work to annex those parcels who are adjacent to our boundaries who want to be annexed,” she noted, adding that the district must still meet restrictions that require annexations to be limited to contiguous parcels.

Reece said Northwest Fire officials also would be meeting with Mountain Vista Fire District officials to see if Mountain Vista might consider annexing some properties in the former Camino de Mañana annexation area that are contiguous with Mountain Vista’s boundaries.

“There are about 14 properties adjacent to their district, and taken with other properties adjacent to those, might make up a 30 to 35-parcel annexation area for them,” Reece said. “The area is north of Lambert Lane and on the west side of Camino de Oeste.”

Mountain Vista’s district lies on the east side of Camino de Oeste in that area.

Regarding Northwest Fire’s annexation in the Tangerine-Moore area, which is contained within the town of Marana, Northwest Fire Chief Jeff Piechura previously has said he’s optimistic the petition might be successful, even though there is a lot of vacant land in the Butterfly Ranch development on the north side of Moore Road to the east of Camino de Oeste.

“Most homeowners there are supportive of the petition,” Piechura said. “Those owners of vacant land who are interested in developing the properties are showing interest in signing. We think the petition has a good chance to pass, given the conversations we’ve had with the interested parties.”

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