U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., gave a House floor speech about the need to prevent reckless sequestration cuts that will harm Arizona's District One and our nation. Kirkpatrick cited examples of harm to our national parks, education/Impact aid and tribal health care.


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You mean to tell me that we can't find the amount of money in "administration" areas???? Give me a break. So we will shut down the Grand Canyon because we have to keep filing clerks, etc. We should put Walmart in charge of the systems that the government officials can't seems to find efficiencies and see what happens.

Fire every manager that can't find 5 cents of every dollar they are spending to save. We might find out we never needed them.


If the government cannot find 5 cents out of every 1dollar spent/wasted, then we should remove the administrative managers and turn the operations over to the Walmarts of the world and say we'll split every cent you save over the 5 cents without loosing services and no sniviling!!

Bet we would all be winners!

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