Town of Marana

A report compiled by Bright Future Real Estate Research shows more homes were built in the Town of Marana during the first six months of the year than anywhere else in the region.

Depicting data over the past 10 years, the report compares single-family residence permits issued in the Tucson Metropolitan area to include Tucson, Pima County, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, and Southern Pinal County.

Of those jurisdictions, Marana issued 404 permits, most closely trailed by Pima County at 361. 

Rounding at the bottom four were Sahuarita (149), Tucson (124), Oro Valley (88), and Southern Pinal County (81).

 “I think it’s a combination of a lot of things,” said Town Manager Gilbert Davidson about the flurry of homebuyers in the town. “Obviously there are some great builders doing projects people want to buy into, but people can choose which community they choose to be a part of. When people drive into Marana and see the parks, nice roads, shopping centers, and great school district – that’s what’s helping fuel these numbers.” 

According to the report, Marana lays claim to 33.5 percent of home permits issued in the region through the end of June, while Pima County issued 29.9 percent of permits.

With an increasing amount of homebuyers choosing Marana, Davidson expects commercial development to follow suit through the town’s in-house Business Development Center.

“Our BDC will prove a great asset with all these rooftops going up,” he said. “We hope to see a Fry’s shopping center in the Gladden Farms area, we hope to see some movement at Twin Peaks with some major commercial stuff there. There will be some hotspot areas that will light up because of all these new homes.”

The town issued another 74 permits in the month of July, well on track to trump the 526 permits issued in Marana in all of 2012. 

Davidson said the speed with which permits are being issued has a lot to do with the staff responsible for seeing the process through.

“It’s a team effort. What I’m proud of is that our group of professionals in building, planning, and engineering are getting those permits out the door,” he said. “They’ve organized themselves in such a way that they take in the information, get it processed, and we get those permits out quickly.”

In the past 10 years, Marana peaked in home permits issued at 1,763 permits in 2005.

Like other jurisdictions, Marana was affected by the 2008 recession, and hit a low of 191 permits issued in 2009.

Permitting in Oro Valley has slowed as the town is growing close to being built out.

Marana Public Information Officer Rodney Campbell says there are about 37,000 residents in Marana, with space for an estimated 200,000 total residents.

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