Saguaro Bloom Development
Courtesy of Grayhawk Development

From bankruptcy to an area now booming with more than 2,000 homes, the Saguaro Bloom Development will welcome its first homeowners in Marana this month.

“The area was in limbo and it was all uncertain for a time,” said Rodney Campbell, Marana public information officer. “This is all more positive growth and an area that will bring residents to the community which will attract more businesses.”

Saguaro Bloom Development is just west of the Tucson Mountains on West Twin Peaks Road.

An area once buried in bankruptcy has been drastically turned around because of Grayhawk Development. Four years ago Empire Land LLC filed for bankruptcy – leaving the area’s entire infrastructure to wither in a declining economy.  Three model homes were also destroyed. Two years later in 2011, Grayhawk decided to complete the foreclosure and team up with the homebuilders of D.R. Horton.

 “This area was a challenge but we knew what the issues were when we bought the property,” said Grayhawk Vice President of Development Brian Baehr. “We saw the area as a potentially good project that just got off on the wrong foot.”

Saguaro Bloom covers 700 acres and is zoned for 2,400 units. The units are single-family residential homes that are about 1,800-3,200 square feet and will range between $200,000 and $300,000. D.R. Horton has built three different series of home sizes and has already bought 265 lots from Grayhawk. Some of the amenities will include a regional park, community center and school.

“It’ll be a nice housing plan and community,” said Baehr. “It’s quiet over here and feels like you’re in a very private place because it’s right up there on the west side of the pass. Also, it’s not far from commercial amenities as it’s just two miles off the Twin Peaks interchange.

Besides the quick turn around of Saguaro Bloom, Baehr says working with the Town of Marana has been an added plus to the project.

“They’ve been a great partner with us and have helped us resolve some of the issues,” said Baehr. “We’re both very excited about the quality of this project in the future. We feel very, very good about the future.”

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