On Friday, there was a sea of pink shirts, pants, socks and even hair at Wilson K-8 School. They called it a Pink Out, which was held in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  but more specifically, to support one of their own. 

Teresa Fritton, who is a sixth-grade math and science teacher at the school, learned that she had two different types of stage-three breast cancer back in April. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy, Fritton went into surgery Monday. One Friday, the school wanted to let her know while she was gone, they would be there, thinking about her and supporting her.

Numerous hugs were given, and even more tears were shed as fellow staff members donated their sick-leave time to her, gave her gifts and cards.

But Fritton didn’t know about any of it going into the day. She originally saw some family members in the morning wearing shirts to support her, but she thought it was just them.

“I got here, and all of the kids were coming in and they were wearing pink,” she said Friday.

“Obviously it is overwhelming,” Fritton said as a few tears welled up in her eyes. “But that is how people survive stuff like that; with other people, because otherwise you’re all alone. I’ll be doing surgery alone, I did the chemo alone. But with so many people there helping you (afterwards), it makes it so much easier.”

Fritton is expected to be out from work for the next few weeks, but plans to return after she has recovered.

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