While most may take a pair of socks for granted, Sun City resident Sandy Jasper knows homeless veterans don’t. For the last seven years, Jasper has taken one month out of the year to collect socks that are then donated to Southern Arizona VA Health Care System.

The veteran’s center provides care for more than 170,000 eligible veterans throughout eight counties in Southern Arizona and one county in New Mexico. 

“A new pair of socks can save a veteran from serious foot problems,” said Jasper. “My theory is if I make it easy for people to do something good then it’s a win win for everybody.”

And easy it is. Residents from Sun City and others in the northwest community are invited to donate socks. Donations can be dropped off at either the Sun City activity center or welcome center located at 1565 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Money donations are also welcome.

“I’m usually buying more socks than people are bringing in,” said Jasper. “I’ve found that they (veterans) like white tube socks because one size fits all.”

Having grown up in a volunteering family, Jasper found that organizing the donation was easy and rewarding. Last year, 2,307 pairs of socks were donated - that is just over one pair of socks per homeless veteran. Jasper’s hope is that more donations come in so homeless veterans can have more socks.

“While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner think about the homeless people,” said Jasper. “I think people want to be generous and want to do something. This is a way they can.”

Jasper starts collecting socks and money on Veterans Day. People can donate money until Dec. 10 and socks until Dec. 15. On Dec. 20 all of the socks are packed in a car and taken down to the veteran’s center. For further information or questions contact Jasper at 256-0420.

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