Northwest Fire Paramedics responded to the Circle K at 4900 W. Ina Road just after 6:30 a.m. for a reported childbirth.

A 911 call was received from the husband of the patient who indicated that they left their Dove Mountain home enroute to the hospital as his wife was in labor. The husband indicated that they would meet emergency crews at the Twin Peaks and I-10 interchange, however, they arrived faster than anticipated and he then indicated that they would continue on to the Circle K on Ina and I-10. A closer Paramedic Engine Company was dispatched and met the couple in the parking lot of the business.

Just after their arrival, the paramedics from Engine Company #33 delivered a healthy baby girl. Two paramedics accompanied mom and baby to the Women’s Center at Northwest Medical Center via ground ambulance. Both mom and baby are reported to be in excellent health.

Northwest Fire responds to several childbirth calls throughout the year, but very rarely do we actually have a delivery in the field. Most women who are in labor and call 9-1-1 remain in labor throughout the transport and delivery at the hospital.

Northwest Fire has equipment and medications to assist in the delivery of babies. Paramedics are also trained and recertified in the OB area to be prepared for calls such as this.

Interviews with the Paramedics who responded to the call are scheduled for 1400 hours today at Northwest Fire Station 33 located at 2811 W. Ina.

I am working to make contact with the new parents to determine their participation desires.

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Wow! That little girl wanted to make an appearence. She will need to be a princess. HAHAHA. God bless all the responders and the parents

Sarah Metz-Wood

Excellent work and great news. How exciting.

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