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File Oro Valley traffic complaints online

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  • bigbadwolf posted at 4:51 pm on Thu, Feb 6, 2014.

    bigbadwolf Posts: 2

    My complaint is with the cops being above the law. In a one month period i have on my dash cam content 83 violations these cops have made that i will be sending in soon, Violations range from speeding with no place to go to illegal lane change,following to close, Equipment violations IE lights out... But dont think for a minute you can do a thing about it, I have tried telling them that they have broken the law then try to intimidate me by doing a Terry stop for no reason.They will not intimidate me as i am a LAC , There time is do fellow residents of OV. If you have a legitimate complaint then by all means fill out the form. We pay an awful amount in taxes to let these guys collect more. END THE HIVE NOW unconstitutional


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