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Residents oppose development plans in Marana


The Marana Town Council Meeting hosted a public hearing on Sept. 3 regarding the Twin Peaks Oasis Annexation where area residents voiced opposition to the proposal.

On Aug. 9, the Pima County Recorder’s office filed a blank petition for the proposed annexation of 36.79 acres of residential property on the northeast corner of West Twin Peaks Road and West Oasis Road. 

The annexation coincides with the town’s corporate limits and is in Marana’s General Plan planning area. The Land Use Plan of Marana designates the site Low Density Residential and suggests that the overall density be 0.5 to 2.0 residences per acre. Pima County currently has the residential area zoned Suburban Ranch, which has a minimum lot size of 3.3 acres. The overall density of the area is set at 0.3 residents per acre.

Cynthia Ross, Planner II for Marana, included in the proposal a rezoning application that talks about wanting to develop 91 single-family residential lots in the future. The annexation proposal and application about building more homes are separate issues, said Mayor Ed Honea. 

Even so, more than 10 residents voiced their disagreement about the possible development of homes in the neighborhood. Concerns included an increase in traffic, lost scenic views, less privacy and water shortage.   

“Our view isn’t just lost, but the residents here have invested money into their homes,” said Ron Isaacson. “The property value on the homes will go down if this annexation happens. This is our life and a lot of people care about this. You can see that by the turnout tonight.”

Town Manager Gilbert Davidson says there will be continued debate on what the density zoning will look like but for now passing the annexation is the first step.

“Everyone kept talking about density,” said Davidson. “The people were jumping the gun a little bit because all that was on the document was the annexation.”

The annexation would be beneficial because it would make the boundaries more clear to residents and fall more in line with the vision of development and expansion in the town, according to Davidson.

For now, the Marana council will continue discussion of the annexation measure in October. If that is approved the council will begin discussing the rezoning application.