Pima County Recorder Ann Rodriguez announced last week that her office has begun to mail out new voter notification cards to all registered voters in Pima County. This mailing process to notify all voters will take a little over a week to complete since more than 465,000 cards are being mailed. Ms. Rodriguez anticipates that all cards will be mailed by July 3.

The cards are being mailed out to inform voters of their new district assignments that have occurred as a result of redistricting by the Independent Redistricting Commission and the Pima County Board of Supervisors. All Congressional and Legislative district numbers in Pima County have changed and some precinct numbers have changed.

The identification cards may be used at the polling places as one form of identification when you vote in person. Each voter should destroy their old card once they receive the new one so that there is no confusion about the assigned districts.

This mailing is also a way to test everyone’s address. If you receive a card for a voter who no longer resides at your address, you are asked to write a note that the person no longer lives there and place the card back in the mail. You do not need to add postage to return the card. “Returning the cards will help us keep the voter registration roll as clean as possible,” Rodriguez stated. “Federal law does not allow us to remove a voter from the voter registration roll unless undeliverable mail is returned to our office.”

Since the mailing is being conducted in zip code groups, not all cards are being mailed on the same date. If you do not receive a card by July 5 and you believe you are registered to vote, please call the Recorder’s Voter Registration Division at 724-4330 beginning on July 5.

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