Three Buttes house fire


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A homeowner and his two roommates escaped without injury this morning after a fire in the home’s garage began to fill the house with smoke.

The smoke detectors sounded just after 5:30 a.m. this morning at 12964 N. Three Buttes Pl, which is in the Dove Mountain community near Tangerine and Thornydale.

The homeowner stated that his roommate was the first to respond to the smoke alarm and found a fire in the garage of the home, which began to spread smoke into the house. All three were able to escape and called 911 from cell phones.

“This scenario is exactly what we want to happen when anyone is alerted to a fire in their house. Evacuate ASAP and then call 911 from a cell phone or neighbor’s house after you get out safe,” said spokesman Adam Goldberg.

The resident had recently changed the batteries in his detectors after a low battery warning alert form one of the detectors sounded.

The first fire engine arrived within 3 minutes (the fire station is 2/10th of a mile away in the same neighborhood) and found the garage well involved in fire. 21 firefighters manning 3 engines, a ladder and a rescue company were able to place the fire under control within 13 minutes of arriving on scene.

Damages were estimated to be approximately $25,000 which included damage to 3 racing motorcycles that were in the garage at the time of the fire. The residents will be displaced from the home until after repairs can be made.

Northwest Fire investigators have determined the fire to be accidental after a towel saturated with combustible oil reached an ignition temperature causing a flash fire that spread to the garage area.

Northwest Fire reminds everyone to ensure working smoke detectors are present in every home and that batteries are changed on a regular basis. If you are unable to change a battery due to a physical limitation, please contact your local fire department to inquire about assistance with this very important task.

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