The Northwest Fire District responded to a home on Tucson's northwest side Thursday after the homeowner accidently mixed pool chemicals within the house.

Northwest Fire Spokesman Adam Goldberg said firefighters and members of the Northwest Fire District’s Hazardous Material response unit responded to a residential home. The owner indicated he had mixed the two packages of pool shock into some water and it began to off gas.

The occupant suffered inhalation injuries from the fumes and was treated at the scene by NWFD paramedics. The occupant also noted that he had two cats in the home. Firefighters donned their air packs to enter the home and rescue the cats. Both cats were taken from the residence and brought to a vet for emergency treatment. Their conditions are considered serious.

The first arriving engine company called the District’s Hazardous Materials team to the scene to assist with the evaluation and mitigation of the hazard. The Hazardous Materials team took air samples within the home and found high levels of chlorine gas. Ventilation fans were set up to clear the structure of the gas. The surrounding neighborhood was also monitored for any hazards, but no chlorine gas was detected outside the home.

The Northwest Fire District would like to remind everyone that all chemicals, whether for a pool, fertilizers, and pest control or household cleaners should be treated with care. Always read labels before using any products and make certain to store and handle them in accordance to the manufactures recommendations. The following are safety tips to be used at all times:

•Never use a product for a purpose other than its intended use

•Never mix chemicals inside of a home or any poorly ventilated areas.

•Always use gloves and eye protection when handling any hazardous products

•Keep kids and pets out of reach of any chemicals in storage or use

•Contact 911 or the Poison Control Center anytime there is a spill or injury with household chemicals

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