House Bill 2168, which had Marana Town officials concerned, does not appear to be moving forward in the Arizona Legislature.

House Bill 2168 would have required the town to grant a permit within 48 hours of receiving a completed application, assuming the applicant provided a sworn statement and had two witnesses attest to the completion of all permitting prerequisites. Despite its questionable nature, a self-certification process might have posed a threat to the town’s Business Development Center by offering an even more simplified permitting process.

Town Manager Gilbert Davidson said he did not think HB 2168 provided the thorough process due when obtaining a permit.

“This bill is not something we will be in support of,” he said.

Fortunately for Davidson and town staff, the bill has ceased to progress, as it was held by the House Committee on Government on Feb. 7, and has not been included as an agenda item, making the bill unlikely to move forward.

When the Town of Marana held its grand opening of the Business Development Center on Jan. 12, town staff looked forward to streamlining the somewhat troublesome process required to obtain a building permit.

Before opening, permit-seekers often had to speak with a number of different professionals, located throughout various departments before a permit could be issued. The BDC was designed to simplify that process by integrating engineers, planners, inspectors, and permit clerks into a single, cooperative workspace on the second floor of the Marana Municipal Complex.

Only five days after the grand opening, Rep. Jeff Dial of Chandler introduced House Bill 2168, which if passed, would have compromised the services offered by the BDC.

During a Feb. 7 Marana Town Council meeting, Deputy Town Manager Del Post said HB 2168 was one of the town’s biggest concerns during the 2012 legislative session.

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