On July 22, at 2:49 p.m. Marana Police were dispatched to the 99 Cent Store in reference to lost property. At the store, a woman said she left her purse and could not find it.

Upon arriving, officer’s made contact with the female subject in the parking lot in front of the store. She informed police that she was shopping at the 99 Cent Store and she purchased multiple items and placed them in the trunck of her vehicle. She left the purse in her shopping cart in the parking lot and drove to her home about five minutes away.

When she arrived  home she realized  she left her purse. She returned to the store and could not locate her purse.

The woman said her purse is black cloth, containing multiple items to include her Czech Republic driver license, her U.S. Passport, her Chase Manager card, Social Security card, her Medicare Card and $760.

On July 22, Marana police were notified about a sign theft at Sacramento Drive and N. School Hill Drive. The woman told police she saw a man pick up a street sign and walk away with it. The female said she drove around the neighborhood trying to find the man, but he couldn’t be located. Police did not find the alleged suspect, but did call Marana Communications to notify the Marana Street Department to replace the sign.

On July 22, at 6:14 p.m., Marana Police were called to the 8600 Block of N. Silver Moon Way, in reference to a report of a contractor who had been in the caller’s residence on July 20. The caller said she had reason to believe that one of the workers stole an Apple iPod Touch.

The female said she had hired a company to tile both her bathroom floors. They did an inadequate job, and were called back to fix the work. When the workers returned, the female caller said she had observed at least four workers in and out of her residence through out the day and stated she never left her home.

After several days, the female caller went to use the Apple iPod and realized it was missing.

Later that day, the female victim called police again when she realized her Nikon digital camera was also missing.

The two items are now listed as stolen items as police investigate the matter.

On July 23, at 5:05 a.m., Marana police responded to a reported theft at the 8300 block of N. Mammoth Dr. During the investigation, police learned that the male homeowner had accidentally left his garage door open overnight. By morning, he found that an unknown subject had stolen all of his power tools, hand tools and a 30-gallon compressor. He also said they used his keys to enter, and go through his parked vehicles.

The victim was asked to compile a list of everything that was stolen and their values.

On July 23, at 6:18 p.m., Marana police were dispatched to the 8300 block of N. Mountain Stone Pine Way in reference to a domestic violence incident. On the scene, police made contact with a Columbian female crying, and barely able to talk. Once she gained her composure, she advised police that over the last week she had been telling her husband that she had been unsure of her feelings toward him and possibly wanted a divorce.

She told police she had been on Facebook and had been talking to a guy she met through the website and her husband approached her about it. She told him she wanted to get a divorce and she had been talking to this man over Facebook. He asked her if she had talked to him today and she said not but talked to him for a while the day before. He got upset and started yelling at her demanding that she delete her Facebook account. She agreed initially a week ago, but then decided she would not because it was not up to him. When her husband found out, he took the laptop into the kitchen and smashed it over the granite counter top. The victim said she became desperate and ran over to the kitchen knives and took one into her hand. She placed the blade near her left wrist and threatened him if he did not stop. She told police she didn’t intend to hurt herself, but she wanted him to stop breaking her stuff and wanted to scare him.

The male suspect then grabbed her and took the knife away, and immediately called the police.

She told police she does not have a history of depression or any suicidal thoughts.

Police found the broken laptop in the kitchen, and placed the male suspect under arrest for domestic violence criminal damage and domestic violence disorderly conduct.

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