The Lights and Sirens Golf Tournament is being hosted this year by the Law Enforcemnet Wives Club (LEWC) on March 21 at the El Conquistador Country Club.

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Registration is continuing for the Lights and Sirens Golf Tournament being hosted by the Law Enforcement Wives Club (LEWC) on March 21.

LEWC provides important services year after year for families of police officers, and the annual golf tournament plays a big part in raising the funds to make those services possible.

The idea for LEWC came about in 2007, when three cops’ wives felt there was a lack of social interaction between the law enforcement agencies in Pima County. Additionally, there was not enough cross-agency assistance when tragedy struck. While there are other public service organizations that provide assistance to law enforcement families in dire times, most of these organizations come from outside the Pima County area. LEWC wanted to make the assistance provided more personal and immediate.

LEWC members are all spouses of law enforcement officers. “Wives” club is actually a misnomer, because any significant other of a certified peace officer in Pima County is welcome to join. Currently there are more than 100 members representing six law enforcement agencies in Pima County.

The primary function of LEWC is to provide a support network to help out law enforcement families during times of need. 

Some examples of the assistance LEWC has provided includes an incident where an officer was involved in a hit and run collision – the organization provided the family with a check to pay for immediate costs.

In another case, LEWC came to aide an officer’s family when their home caught on fire. LEWC was able to provide gift cards and help the family until they could return home.

When comes to non-profit organizations, fundraisers are important to sustain needs throughout the year. The March 21 golf tournament is important to raise funds.

The tournament will be held at the El Conquistador Country Club, located at 10555 La Cañada in Oro Valley.

Registration is $95 per person.

There will be plenty of prizes offered on the day of the event.

To register, or learn about LEWC, visit the website at www.azlewc.org, or email azlewc@gmail.com. For more information, call 477-6873.

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