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Obama proposes plan to curb gun violence, includes 23 executive actions

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John J Flanagan

John J Flanagan: President Obama is once again displaying his usual contempt for due process, congressional action, and the separation of powers. His reign is an imperial presidency. Like his Chicago advisers, Obama will not let a catastrophe go to waste, and therefore he will rely on his executive orders to do what he cannot get Congress to do. The problem with this strategy is that it is not Constitutional. Obama's vast support from an adoring media will give him the usual support and none will question his determination to rule our land in a way that rewards his cronies and punishes all others. The nation has many problems at present, and it is the president himself who is a clear and evident danger to the process of democracy, consensus, and civility. As he is presently dividing us more and more, the future cannot be too bright for our land. There are many areas in which this arrogant president has usurped authority never intended for his office, yet the media which supports him are enabling this transformation of an imperial presidency to take place. The American people voted in a majority for a president who will assure us of higher taxes, a dismal economic recovery, Orwellian controls on the population, and a continuation of failed policies. The outlook for our Republic is almost frightening.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 3:35 pm

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