The City of Tucson was named one of the nation’s top 10 cities for veterans.

With Veterans Day being observed on Nov. 11, searched for cities nationwide where military veterans can live when looking to retire or start a second career. Tucson came in ninth on the list.

Cities were chosen based on quality-of-life attributes that appeal to veterans such as moderate climate, low cost of living and unemployment rate. The study also sought cities with outdoor recreational opportunities and cultural amenities. Additional consideration was given to cities with proximity to military institutions and VA hospitals.

“We know It’s important for veterans and their families to have access to quality medical care and social services,” said John Hood, a spokesman for “So, we chose cities with excellent health-care systems and VA hospitals. The cities on this list tend to be more diverse, have excellent school systems and higher education opportunities and great opportunities for post-military employment.”

Hood said editors looked at cities that are also close to military bases, which give veterans access to other resources such as free legal advice, counseling, discounted food and household goods at the base commissary, and equipment rentals.

The Tucson region met key requirements to make the list with the VA Hospital, and Davis Monthan Air Force Base on the east side of town. It is also close to two other military installments, including Ft. Huachuca in Sierra Vista, and Luke Air Force Base.

Hood said Tucson also came under the radar because of premier research and development facilities at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park, which currently employs just over 7,000.

“One thing all 10 cities have in common is their inclusive nature and proven history of community support for military families,” Hood says.

Tucson is such a city. Besides the VA Hospital and Air Force base, the city is surrounded by five mountain ranges that offer and abundance of recreational opportunities. Sunshine also plays a factor, with residents enjoying an estimated 350 days of sunshine per year.

The top city for veteran living was Fayetteville, NC, followed by Colorado Springs, San Angelo, Texas, Carlisle, PA, Madison, WI, Topeka, KS, Syracuse, NY, Kenner, LA, Tucson and Cheyenne, WY.

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