Mobile Home Fire
Photo courtesy of Avra Valley Fire District

On Oct. 22, units from the Avra Valley Fire District and Northwest Fire District were dispatched early this morning at 2:15 a.m. to a report of a mobile home fire at 12500 N Kalama Circle.

Units arrived on scene to find smoke coming from the front door of a double-wide mobile home. Firefighters entered the house and confined the fire to one of the bedrooms of the mobile home. It took 12 firefighters about 5 minutes to have the fire under control. Firefighters were able to stop the spread of fire throughout the rest of the bedroom where the fire took place as well as the rest of the home.

A family of four was sleeping in their home at the time of the fire. One of the occupants who at the time of the fire was in the same room as the fire, heard the smoke detectors alerting him and saw the flames and started shouting for help. The other residents quickly woke up and ran to the man’s aid for he was handicap and needed assistance out of the home. Two residents were evaluated on scene by the paramedics for smoke inhalation but none were taken to the hospital.

Fire officials believe the fire started from a mobile swamp cooling unit that was placed on the floor of the bedroom where the fire was. The swamp cooling unit caught parts of the bedroom on fire.

The residents will be staying in a hotel for the night and expect to be back in their home in a couple of days.

This fire shows the importance of checking your smoke detectors once a month to make sure they are in working condition. The smoke detectors in this resident’s home we believe was the difference between life and serious injury or death for the occupants asleep in their home.

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