Anytime Fitness owner Mike Urbanski was surprised at the honesty and the number of residents interested in accepting a fitness challenge.

Seventy-eight residents responded to a fitness challenge, with Anytime Fitness set to accept six applicants, three in Oro Valley, three in Marana.

“I think the number of applicants totally exceeded our expectations,” said Urbanski. “I’m thrilled that that many people want to make such a lifestyle change. It’s been a really difficult process to go through all of these and only be able to choose three.”

Impressed with the personal stories, Urbanski said Anytime Fitness has been touched by the number of people who just want to be healthy, by the mothers who want to do more with their children, and the senior citizens who want to be healthy.

The stories are endless, and nearly 80 residents have been willing to share them in a quest to win the fitness challenge being offered by Anytime Fitness.

One Oro Valley resident said she is tired of taking pills for blood pressure, along with others, and wishes to have a better attitude about life for both her children and husband.

Another applicant said, “I want to prove to myself and my family that at 56-years-old, getting healthy again is possible. I want more than anything to reverse this diabetic condition and be with my wife as long as possible, living a healthy lifestyle, and being active once again.”

Younger residents also applied, with one man saying he is just finishing a divorce, and would like to live a healthier lifestyle as he prepares for a new chapter.

“After four years of maintaining a bad mental self image, my marriage counselor wants me to take care of myself,” he said. “I am basically starting my life over, and I want my new life to be healthy, and I want to look good as well.”

One 25-year-old female applicant said there are too many nights where she comes home to a four-year-old daughter who wants her to play, but she has to say she’s too tired.

“If I were chosen for this amazing opportunity, it would give me a chance to be the mother my daughter deserves,” she said.

The stories and reasons to get fit were endless, leaving the Anytime Fitness owners from the Oro Valley and Marana locations with a tough decision.

The winners of the challenge will be announced next week.

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