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Pima Community College's West Campus.

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A top Arizona Adult Education official has thanked Pima Community College Adult Education (PCCAE) for its “outstanding” effort in helping the state achieve a No. 2 national ranking in educational gains by Adult Education students.

“On behalf of the Arizona Department of Education and the Adult Education Services Team, I am pleased to congratulate you and your staff for your outstanding FY2013 performance in moving the bar for adult learners in Arizona!,” Deputy Associate Superintendent of Adult Education Services Karen Liersch wrote PCCAE Dean Regina Suitt earlier this month. [Read scanned and accessible version of letter.]

PCCAE is the second-largest Adult Education program in the state and plays a major role in Arizona Adult Education’s consistently high national ranking in educational gains of its adult learners.  (An educational gain is defined as an increase of at least 2.4 grade levels.) For Fiscal Year 2012-2013, 64 percent of Arizona’s adult learners made at least one educational gain, far above the national average of 44 percent. That boosted the state from No. 4 in the U.S. rankings to No. 2.

“PCCAE has helped the state’s already outstanding Adult Education program get even better,” PCC Chancellor Lee D. Lambert wrote in a recent blog post. “The College serves many constituencies, and it is heartening to see that for those adults taking the first steps on their educational journey, PCCAE is providing a great start.”

Each year, PCCAE helps some 6,000 people take important steps toward achieving their goals through Family Literacy, Adult Basic Education, high school equivalency test preparation, Civics and Refugee Education, and English Language Acquisition for Adults.

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