On Tuesday, Arizona voters will be voting on the primary candidates they want to see move on to the General Election, and based on early numbers, many residents have already spoken.

According to the Pima County Recorder’s office, with 471,276 registered voters, about 226,061 early ballots were mailed out.

Last week, Pamela Franklin, a spokeswoman for the Recorder’s office, said 57,000 ballots had been returned.

The Democrats hold the edge, with 110,719 early ballots mailed out, and 35,073 returned already. The county mailed out 91,555 to Republican voters, with 24,563 being returned.

The deadline for any voter to return an early ballot is 7 p.m. on Election day, which is on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

In Pima County, besides congressional and state races, all five members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors are up for reelection.

The District 1 race has received a lot of attention with incumbent Ann Day announcing she would not seek reelection.

While Democrat Nancy Young Wright is running unopposed in the primary, four republicans are looking to move on to the November General Election.

State Rep. Vic Williams is looking to win his party’s approval for the county seat along with Mike Hellon, Stuart McDaniel and Ally Miller.

Republicans will also be voting for sheriff in the primary, with five hopefuls looking to move to face longtime incumbent Clarance Dupnik in November.

The five Republican candidates are Chester Manning, Mark Napier, Terry Frederick, Walt Setzer and Vinson Holck.

With Marana and Oro Valley falling into the newly-created Congressional District 1, both Democrats and Republicans have a choice in the Primary Election.

The heavily-favored Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is running against Wenona Benally Baldenegro.

In the Republican race, a heavily-favored Jonathan Paton faces Patrick Gatti and Doug Wade in the primary.

While Kirkpatrick and Paton have primary opponents, a majority of their campaigns have been centered around attacking each other.

Overall, voter registration is down, according to numbers released by Secretary of State Ken Bennett earlier this week.

Arizona currently has 3,145,973 registered voters, a decrease of 5,642 since the last report in March.

Of the state’s 3.1 million voters eligible to vote in the Primary Election, 1,130,164 are Republicans, 946,974 are Democrats and 1,041,523 have either registered with independent parties or not designated a party preference.

Libertarians make up less than one percent of the total voter base, with 22,272 registered. There are currently 4,872 registered in the Green Party.

Pima County voters can get more information on polling locations, and ballot information at www.recorder.pima.gov, or by calling 724-4330.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.


Election Day info

Polls open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For information, visit the website at www.recorder.pima.gov or call 724-4330.


Important dates

Aug. 28 - Primary Election Day

General Election:

Aug. 6 - First day to request an early ballot, the last day is Oct. 26.

Oct. 9 - Voter registration cut-off

Oct. 11 - Early voting begins

Nov. 6 - General Election Day


Candidates for Pima County board of supervisors

District 1 -

Mike Hellon, Republican

Stuart McDaniel, Republican

Ally Miller, Republican

Vic Williams, Republican

Nancy Young Wright, Democrat

District 2 -

Ramon Valadez, Democrat

James Kelly, Republican

District 3 -

Sharon Bronson, Democrat

Tanner Bell, Republican

District 4 -

Ray Carroll, Republican

Sean Collins, Republican

District 5 -

Richard Elías, Democrat

Fernando Gonzales, Republican


Pima County races

Pima County Sheriff:

Clarence Dupnik, Democrat

Dave Croteau, Green

Terry Frederick, Republican

Vinson Holck, Republican

Chester Manning, Republican

Mark Napier, Republican

Walter Setzer, Republican

Pima County Attorney:

Barbara LaWall, Democrat

Claudia Elquist, Green

Pima County Assessor:

Bill Staples, Democrat

Pima County Recorder:

F. Ann Rodriguez, Democrat

Bill Beard, Republican

Pima County School Superintendent:

Linda Arzoumanian, Republican

Mace Bravin, Republican

Pima County Treasurer:

Elaine Richardson, Democrat

Beth Ford, Republican

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