The Pima County Attorney's office said charges are still pending against an Amphitheater High School teacher accused of sexual misconduct with a student.

Official charges could be filed as early as next week, according to the attorney's office.

The teacher, and a school counselor were placed on administrative leave in November after allegations that the teacher had sex with a 16-year-old student, and the counselor covered it up emerged.

Stephanie Coronado, of the Pima County Attorney's office, said the Tucson Police Department has turned over all the information from the investigation, and charges are pending.

"The attorney is reviewing the information, and deciding what the charges will be based on that information," Coronado said on Tuesday.

According to court records, Amphi High School principal Jon Lansa notified police about a possible inappropriate relationship between the teacher, who has taught at the school for 14 years, and the student.

Court records state that Lansa was shown Facebook messages between the teacher and the student, who were allegedly discussing the current condition of her vehicle so she could go to the teacher's house.

While the student initially denied any type of relationship with a teacher, police were informed that the 16-year-old female student had written a letter to the school's counselor about the affair.

According to court records, police suspect the counselor of hiding the letter because she was having relationship with the teacher in question.

Federal and state laws require any administrator or teacher to report alleged sexual misconduct or sexual abuse between teachers and students.

According to Superior Court documents, the alleged incident with the 16-year-old female student took place on Oct. 22 at the teacher's home. The student described the incident in detail for detectives.

Through a series of search warrants, the police have searched the teacher's phone, laptop and computer, along with both the teacher and counselor's computers at Amphi High School.

The counselor and teacher will remain on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

The Explorer does not provide names of victims in a sexual crime case, and withheld the names of the counselor and teacher because no charges have been filed at this time.



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