Rex Scott

Rex Scott

During its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 24, the Marana Unified School District Governing Board voted 3-0 to hire Rex Scott as principal at Tortolita Middle School. Maribel Lopez and Suzanne Hopkins were not in attendance.

Scott will assume the position effective July 1, 2014.

Scott has 22 years of experience in public education. He is currently the principal at Catalina Magnet High School where he has served since 2009. Prior to this position, he taught middle school and served as a principal and assistant principal within Flowing Wells Unified School District, Amphitheater Public Schools and the Tucson Unified School District.

Catalina Magnet High School - principal

Ironwood Ridge High School - assistant principal

Howenstine Magnet High School - principal

Doolen Middle School - assistant principal

Gridley Middle School - 6th grade

Flowing Wells Junior High School - 7th grade teacher

Scott has extensive experience with curriculum and instruction, staff development and mentoring, and leadership responsibilities. As an instructional leader, he possesses a strong knowledge of academic interventions and supports, and student enrichment. He has facilitated multiple programs that work directly with students to create a successful learning environment as well as utilizing research and student data to enhance academic growth and best practices.

Scott has a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. In 1987, while pursuing his second bachelor’s degree, Mr. Scott was elected to the Athens (OH.) City Council. He was the first Ohio University student to attain that office in the history of the city and one of the youngest council members ever elected.

Scott states, “I am thrilled and honored to join the Tortolita team and be a part of a community which embodies so many characteristics of a high-functioning middle school. In addition, I feel great pride in being selected to serve at the school my children attended. My commitment and overarching goal is to work alongside the students, staff and parents to make Tortolita an even more nurturing, challenging and engaging place for each one of our students.”

Scott further states, “As someone who did all his teaching at the middle level, but who has spent most of his administrative career working in high schools, I know how vital it is for any middle school community to rally together on behalf of the children it serves. The middle school years are a crucial time in the life of any child. These are the years when students must learn and practice the skills, habits and behaviors that will help them to be successful now and later in their lives. It is also the time that they begin to see the central role education can play in helping them to realize their dreams and goals. There is ample research which shows that declines in academic performance often begin or end during early adolescence.”

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