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Northwest commercial building lost after early morning fire


Northwest Fire District crews were called to the 2600 block of West Ruthrauff near Ruthrauff and I-10 just before 2:00 a.m. after multiple 9-1-1 calls were received indicating that there was a fire within the building. 

Crews arrived within minutes to find the 3000 sq. foot building with heavy fire showing from several sides.  The first arriving Engine Company Captain declared the fire a “defensive” fire very early into the incident. 

Conditions were too dangerous to allow firefighters insde. Firefighters will risk a lot to save a lot but risk very little to save little. The Captain knew that if anyone were in the building there was no chance of survivability.

As firefighters began the firefight, a large section of the roof structure to the rear collapsed.  Large diameter hose lines called master streams were set up and put into operations to flow water onto the fire from the outside of the building.

The fire was placed under control 26 minutes after the arrival of the first company.  Firefighters were able to conduct a search of the charred ruins and did not find any victims of the fire.

No firefighters were injured in the incident.  23 firefighters manning several engines and a ladder were on the scene to control the blaze. The structure is a total loss. 

Northwest Fire investigators were still on the scene as daylight began to continue the investigation into the cause and origin of the fire.

The structure was abandoned and ownership of the building is still pending as part of the investigation.