Every little girl is a princess, but is every little girl a perfect princess?  In the book, “Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess,” authors Jennifer Humphries and Nicki Dicampli show that no little princess is perfect.

“You see Disney princesses like Cinderella who are perfect, but every preschool princess is a little bit imperfect,” said Humphries.

Having a couple kids of her own, including a preschool daughter, Humphries came up with the idea of wanting to write a book about an imperfect princess.  The only thing hindering her were her doubts of not being published.  Those doubts were soon pushed aside by her older sister, Dicampli.

“Why are you waiting for a publisher to tell you if your idea is good?” said Dicampli.

With nothing holding them back, the two sisters put together the story with help from Disney artist, John Ewing, who drew the pictures.  Within six months the book was published.

“We received such positive feedback,” said Humphries. “I think people liked Rebekah Grace because she had manners and had to learn to play nicely.  She wasn’t perfect.  She had her shirt untucked and even her hair was messy.”

The two sisters are currently working on their second book that will serve as a sequel to “Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess”.

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