Tips for living with Crohn's/colitis

Keep a Food Diary

Writing down what you eat can help you notice patterns and identify foods that might aggravate your symptoms. You can share the diary with your doctor or dietitian to make sure you’re getting a healthy diet.

Mind Your Meds

Take your medication as directed. Skipping doses, doubling doses, or stopping your medication without your doctor’s OK may cause symptoms to flare up. Questions about your medicines? Ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Get Your Fill of Fluids

If you have chronic diarrhea, you need to replenish your fluids to protect your kidneys. Staying hydrated can also help you fight fatigue. Sip, don’t gulp; it can trap air in your intestines and make you gassy.

Eat Smaller, More Frequent Portions

Eating smaller portions - no larger than the size of your fist - every three or four hours can help prevent cramps. Think about having five small meals or snacks a day, rather than three big meals.


Relax Symptoms Away

Stress can make symptoms like diarrhea, urgency, and cramps come on strong. Test-drive strategies to help you find balance, such as yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises.

Keep Bones Strong

Like many people with Crohn’s disease, you may be taking medicine that has an unfortunate side effect: It weakens your bones. Weight-bearing exercises like walking and stair-climbing can make bones stronger.

Don’t Shy Away from Intimacy

Even if you’re having symptoms, you can still enjoy some togetherness time. Share with your partner what feels good to you, like kissing, hugging, or massage. Not in the mood at all? It’s normal, whether or not you have a chronic disease. Let your partner know it’s not personal. Tomorrow is another day.

Be Prepared for Public  Outings

Avoid awkward social situations - and unnecessary stress-when you’re out and about by locating the restrooms in shops and restaurants. For peace of mind, pack a change of underwear and pants along with toilet paper, baby wipes, panty liners, and deodorizer.

              -Better Medicine

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