What kind of effect will genetic engineering have in the future? How will this affect the evolution of mankind? Will it have a negative or positive outcome?

These are some of the questions that author R.L. (Bob) Clayton, 65, delves into answering in his three volume book series called Evolution River. Clayton graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. He worked in mining for 20 years and after that worked in the area of algae nutritional supplements. In 2004, Clayton and his friend built an algae plant in Marana that he ended up calling Renewable Algal Energy. He stayed working there until two years ago when he took his writing more seriously and gave all his time to that.

The series Clayton has started is science fiction and takes readers through the genetic engineering of a new species and how humans react and cope with them.

“What it’s really about is two species trying to throw off the mantel that we grew up under and learn to coexist on earth. It’s about the characters trying to deal with this,” said Clayton. “It’s a very character driven book with very little violence or conflict.”

Clayton started thinking of the idea for his books back in 2000. By 2010, he put pen to paper and started to write out his first book, which ended up being published in eBook form in October 2012 and in print right before Christmas. He anticipates having his second book published by the end of the month.

“The first book starts now and a lot of what started as fiction in 2000 is now fact. The second book is about another generational change and a new species created,” said Clayton. “It shows how the new species that evolve are not defined by physical characteristics but that we define species by what they can do.”

And what does Clayton hope to achieve by publishing his book series?

“I want to widen the scope of people’s thoughts.  People have an idea of what evolution and species are but this goes a whole new pathway,” said Clayton. “It shows a different way of how we define species. Also, I wanted to make a fun story.”

His first book is currently available in e-book form on Amazon, iBooks, COPIA and more. Print is also available on Amazon and is distributed here in town at Mostly Books, Antigone Books and the gift shop at Westward Look. Clayton is attempting to get it into other places in town as well.

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