Republican CD8 4

Martha McSally.

By Randy Metcalf

There are two congressional races still up in the air in Southern Arizona, as no winner as been announced in Congressional District 1 and Congressional District 2.

Before midnight Tuesday, Democrat Ron Barber, the former aide to former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, led Republican Martha McSally in CD2. In CD1 before midnight, Republican Jonathan Paton held a narrow lead over Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

By morning, both Barber and Paton were trailing with no clear winner in the tight races.

On Wednesday, Paton was not ready to concede, citing the tens of thousands of votes that had yet to be counted in Pima County due to issues with provisional and early ballots.

“I am deeply honored that so many Arizonans cast their ballots for our campaign. After a long night, our race is still too close to call,” Paton said. “Currently, there are reports of tens of thousands of uncounted votes in Pima County alone. In our democracy, it is important that every legally cast vote is counted, and we will continue to monitor the results.”

As of Wednesday afternoon with 338 of 339 precincts reporting, Paton trails Kirkpatrick by three points. Paton currently has 94,098 votes, with Kirkpatrick leading with 101,452.

In CD2, Barber and McSally agreed to wait until all the votes are counted to call the race.

McSally holds a narrow lead over Barber with 110,868 votes. Barber currently has 109,556 votes.

Poll officials in Pima County have said it could take days to count the remaining ballots, which have been estimated to be between 50,000 and 80,000.

Many of the problems centered around voters going to the wrong polls on Tuesday.

Some of the voters weren’t listed on the register at the polls, requiring them to fill out a provisional ballot, which has to be verified before it can be counted.

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