Walter Heilman

Walter Heilman, retired resident in Splendido, stands in front of two of his photographs. Heilman recently had 12 of his Arizona landscape and nature photographs displayed in the art gallery at Splendido.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

A 35-millimeter camera on his 17th birthday is all it took for Walter Heilman, now a resident of the Splendido community, to find his passion. 

Now, many years later, Heilman still finds enjoyment in photography and recently shared some of his artwork in the art gallery at Splendido.

Throughout the year, Splendido hangs up artwork from residents of the community. Heilman displayed 12 photographs featuring landscapes, nature and people in Arizona. 

“It’s been in my blood since I was young,” said Heilman. “I’ve always had an interest in photography. You take a good photograph and then, when you show people, you get a lot of feedback. That’s what keeps me going.”

Before moving to Tucson four years ago, Heilman and his wife lived in Green Valley. During that time, Heilman took occasional trips with his family to the West Coast where he spent much of his time photographing landscape and nature. Heilman also participated in a yearly contest in Green Valley. The contest was to make a phonebook cover for the community based off of a specific theme. Heilman won nine out of the 15 years he participated.

Since retirement, Heilman spends most of his time making photo note cards and gardening.

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