One year (after losing its founder, Ora Mae Harn), the legacy of Ora Mae Harn continues through the nonprofit organization she founded, the Marana Heritage Conservancy.

Working continuously in the community, the Conservancy has a new photo exhibit at Heritage House. There is also on display a John Deere, single share plow donated by Janie Henley of Marana. She tells us it is "three grandpas" old. We are researching information related to the collection of farm equipment in the nearby barn. You may see these vintage collections at 12375 N. Heritage Park Drive.

We recently received from John Epling of Marana, a portfolio and photo album documenting the history of the Nourse family home, a Craftsman-style home that stood at the corner of Silverbell and Ina Road. The portfolio includes the history of the land from the early 1900s to construction, records of the Nourse family who lived there for over 30 years, and their connection to the town of Marana. Photos and stories, with documentation are an excellent record of local history. The collection will be available for viewing in the Exhibit Room at the Marana Civic Center. Call 692-3405 or 572-5601 for more information.

The Town of Marana has requested "100 Years of Marana History" for display at its Founders' Day celebration in October. It will include exhibits on water, farming and ranching, a tractor display, military history, the early days of Marana, and its growth and development. There will be vintage photos, maps, aerial views of old town, and DVD presentations.

Ora Mae Harn's role as Marana's historian brought her quite naturally to the concern for preservation of our local history, education and the presentation of this information to our community. Her goal was to build a learning center/museum for the permanent display of historical items, oral histories, and educational programs. The ongoing work of the Conservancy is to make Ora's dream come true.


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