Facetime 2 yr old

Laura Toone (left) and friend Connie Guerrero look on as two-year-old Bentley shows them how to use FaceTime. Bentley helped saved his mom by calling Connie on FaceTime after a foster dog bit Laura. The story made national news.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Proving that technology isn’t always such a bad thing for children, 2-year-old Bentley Toone, made national news by using Apple’s FaceTime on an iPhone to save his mom who was bitten by a foster dog.

“He has always been such a special son to us,” said Laura Toone, Bentley’s mom. “I mean - he was so calm. He knew that (FaceTime) would get us help.”

About a month ago, Laura was at home watching a movie with her twin four-year-old girls and Bentley when her foster dog attacked her dog. 

Laura immediately panicked and tried to split the dogs by yelling and shoving them away from each other with her foot, but neither helped. The foster dog then clamped his teeth on her dog’s head. Laura quickly reacted, grabbed the foster dog’s muzzle, and tried to pry the mouth open. What seemed like a good idea at the time took a turn for the worse. The foster dog bit down on Laura’s right middle finger.

“I didn’t feel any pain, when it was happening, until I saw my hand afterwards,” said Laura. “I started getting shaky and freaking out.”

With one hand bleeding and the other holding the foster dog’s collar, Laura wasn’t sure how to get help. She begged her four-year-old girls to call 911, but they were so scared and upset that they didn’t move. Bentley walked into the kitchen, came out with a dishtowel, and wiped the blood of Laura’s phone screen. Laura crawled to the sliding glass door and pushed the foster dog outside. 

“I was thinking ‘what am I going to do?’ – I was in super panic mode,” said Laura. “I told him to call 911. He FaceTimed Connie.”

Connie Guerrero, a friend of Laura’s, is a 2007 Pusch Ridge Christian Academy graduate and a current student at the Arizona State University Tucson component for the social work graduate program. It is not uncommon for Connie to receive FaceTime calls from Bentley – often times she just ignores them because he’s being silly.

“When he called me this time, I was studying. I missed the first one. Second one I picked up,” said Connie. “Something inside me just told me I should pick it up.  He didn’t say anything and all I could hear in the background was screaming and ‘Connie I need help! I need help!’”

Connie told Bentley she would call him back and hung up the phone. From there, she contacted Laura’s sister-in-law who rushed over to the house while Laura’s husband, Dustin Toone, called 911. Within 15 minutes the ambulance arrived at the house. Connie FaceTimed Bentley and proceeded to assure Laura that help was on the way.

The ambulance took Laura to the hospital where they stitched her finger. Laura was OK - all because of her two-year-old son. Now looking back, Connie is now even more amazed at what Bentley did.

“I mean, I think it’s just so cool. The fact that he’s 2 and has such a photographic memory to find my name,” said Connie. “It’s incredible.”

Though many parents may be hesitant in letting their kids use their cell phones – Laura has no problem with it. In fact, she finds technology, specifically cell phone applications, to be a great learning tool for her children. Though FaceTime was never seen as an educational tool, Laura is grateful that her son knew how to use it. His one call helped his mom and made him not only a hero in Tucson, but nationwide.

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